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Employee/Parent FAQs

How much of my wage can I receive as a childcare voucher?

It’s up to you - Pick a figure to start us off within the £243/month - £55/week limit. Give us a call if you ever need to change anything.

What if I use more than 1 Child Carer?

Ask us to divide the amount you need between the childcare settings to suit.

Do all child carer’s accept them?

YES – If were not already registered with them, we telephone your child care setting once we receive your application. We make sure that they are happy and that they know how to redeem your voucher(s).

Can this be back dated?

No – It’s not based on a financial year so it starts when you join and finishes when you finish.  For confirmation, feel free to contact the HM Revenue & Customs Employer Helpline on 08457 143 143.

What does ‘Salary Sacrifice’ mean?

Salary Sacrifice is just a scary way to say that the voucher is PART OF rather than ON TOP OF your wage.
What about the Minimum Wage?

Anything your employer pays you OVER the minimum wage can be paid to you as a childcare voucher. You just can’t eat into the minimum wage element of your pay.

Can the scheme affect my pension/pension contributions?

No, the amount you and/or your employer put toward your pension does not have to change because of this so the scheme should not affect your pension or your contributions.

Can I have vouchers whilst on Maternity Pay or Sick Pay?

Yes you can but only anything that your employer pays you above the statutory amount that they have to pay you.

Can I use Child Care Vouchers if I get Working Tax Credit?

If you receive the ‘CHILDCARE ELEMENT’ to Working Tax Credit, call the Tax Credit Help Line 0845 300 3900 to find out if you will definitely benefit from the Childcare Voucher Scheme before you join. This is just for your piece of mind.

Can I change my voucher amount to suit my childcare fees?

You can contact us and ask for a changed voucher amount at any time.  As long as your employer has not already paid for that pay periods voucher order you will normally be able to change the amount at any time.

Be aware that on rare occasions, some employers dont allow changes as a condition to allowing you access to the scheme.  If at all un-sure, please ask and we will find out for you.

If your employer allows you to control your own account through this website then the answer is yes so simply log on and change your requirement's.

The vast majority of employers accomodate infrequent changes. You do of course always retain the right to quit the scheme if it no longer suits your needs.

Do employers have to offer this scheme?

Not at the moment – Employers introduce the scheme to support employees but they do not have any legal obligation to allow employees access to it. In most cases they do it purely for the good of their work force.

The ‘National Childcare Voucher Scheme’ is a GOVERNMENT initiative for employers to help working parents.

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