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What are the rules?

1. You have to be a salaried employee (P.A.Y.E)
‘However some directors and business owners are classed as employees of their own company and can access the scheme.

2. You must pay for professional childcare
Your Nursery or Childminder (inc. Breakfast, After School or Holiday Club) must be registered with the appropiate governing body.

3. You have to be paid ABOVE the minimum wage

    currently £5.73 per hour.

4.You must pay for the childcare yourself instead of all/most of it being paid for you out of the Childcare Element to Working Tax Credit. Although there are exceptions here so this is worthy of a telephone enquiry

If at all unsure on any of the above points, then please call us on 01254 695178 and we will happily guide you accordingly.

Vouchers are redeamable only by your childcare setting.

Vouchers 4 Kids is a trading name of
Care 4 Kids Ltd.
Registered in England & Wales No. 4279894




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