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Childcare Provider

What are Childcare Vouchers?

Offering Childcare Vouchers through a Childcare Voucher Scheme is a way that employers can help to reduce childcare costs for working parents, because it increases their take home pay.

What is the childcare voucher scheme and how does it work?

Parents receive a Childcare Voucher as part of their salary. It is exempt of Tax & N.I. therefore it saves parents money.

Childcare Vouchers are limited to a maximum of £243 per month (£55 per week). 

What we do as a Childcare Provider:

When a parent presents a voucher to you, call us with the details and we will credit the funds directly into your account. 

You can also redeem the childcare voucher online.

The childs name will appear on your bank statement to make accounting simple.

We pride ourselves on providing a personal yet professional service. If you wish to redeem your childcare vouchers via telephone one of our friendly team will be on hand to take your call.

What if the childcare fee's differs from the childcare voucher amount?

Parent owes more than the childcare voucher value - Take the childcare voucher and the parent will pay the ballance due in the usual manor typically DD, SO, Cheque or Cash.

Parent owes less than the childcare voucher value - The parent really should have previously changed their voucher amount to an amount equal to or less than your fee.  If this happens, you can accept the childcare voucher as payment and credit the over payment towards your next invoice.  

Important Note:

If the fees due are less than the voucher value, you cannot give the parent change. This is because the voucher cannot be spent on anything other than childcare.

Where do I get more information to give my parents on Childcare Vouchers?

Use our FREE Parent Sheets (
UserFiles/A4 Parent Sheet.ppt) to hand out to parents.

If your clients ask a question we can provide the answers.

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